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https://youtu.be/ysaAIQ0xRbs https://youtu.be/7TWzgTB2tms https://youtu.be/9qY8J8ZSZjA

KDX Automatic Lamination Machine

with European Technology for METALISED POLYESTER FILM, HOT KNIFE CUTTING system and with electro magnetic heating system at speed of 100 meters/minute and accuracy of +/- 1 mm

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 1050 x1200 cm
  • Minimum Sheet Size: 390 x 390 mm
  • Mechanical Speed: 100 meters/minute*
  • Production Speed: 60-80 m/min*
  • Overlap Accuracy: +/- 1mm*
  • Hot Knife Cutting Accuracy: +/- 1mm*
  • Paper Grammage: 100-650 gsm
  • Film: 7-40 microns PVC, BOPP, PET, Metalised PET
  • Electro Magnetic Heating system for Main Nipping roller,Technology
  • Hot Knife Cutting system for PET film
  • Servo Drives - each at Feeder, Overlap, Tension Controller and Hot knife

Automatic Stripping Machine Model STB Single/Double Head

Advantage :

  • The sepatated moving platform, it can keep the product together to be one paper pile and not disperse.
  • Stripping steel board instead of needle. More easy to be install and save time to adjust.

Technical Specification
Model STB 1080
Max. paper Size 1080*950mm
Min. paper Size 300*300mm
Max stripping product 480*480mm
Min. stripping product 30*30mm
Machine speed 416 Mm per second 10000 pieces per hour depends on the kinds of paper
Total power 6.8kw
Max working pressure 3.85t
Air pressure 0.8mpa
Weight 2.1t
Oversize 3396*1960*1957mm

Automatic Stripping Machine Model-SGS Single/Double Head

Technical Specification
Model SGS-780 SGS-920 SGS-1080
Max sheet size(Mm) 780x540 920x650 1080x780
Min sheet size(Mm) 550x280 550x280 600x400(457x292
Max pile height(Mm) 100 100 100
Min pile height(Mm) 40 40 40
Bench height(Mm) 850 850 850
Max stripping size(Mm) 360x360 360x360 360x360
Min stripping size(Mm) 30x30 30x30 30x30
Stripping speed(Times/Min) 25 25 25
Max pressure(Bar) 80 Bar 80 Bar 90 Bar
Volatge 380v/50hz/3ph 380v/50hz/3ph 380v/50hz/3ph
Power /Currency 3.75kw/10a 3.75kw/10a 3.75kw/10a
Air comsumption 2l/Min 2l/Min 2l/Min
Air compression 4-7bar 4-7bar 4-7bar
Machine weight(Kg) 1400 1600 1800
Machine dimension(Mm) 2450x1400x1900 2700x1560x1900 3050x1800x1900



Automatic Blank Seprator Model DSP

Dsp -780/920/1080 automatic stripping machine belongs to post printing machine, post processing of paper creasing and die cutting. As a professional equipment, mainly used all kind of cardboard, trademark (tag), plastic film and other small packages automatically remove the edge and take out complete paper products, goods partner of the semi-automatic die cutting machine and roll paper flat die cutting machine. It is suitable for printing, packaging decoration and plastic industries in production.


  • Replaces hand stripping with an automated process
  • Increases productivity at converting
  • Reduces headcount
  • Strips labels, cards, plastic paper
  • Simple low-cost tooling
  • Optional system configuration available
  • Apply to all kind of auto die cutting machine and semi-auto die cutting machine
  • No more hand stripping raising production and increasing efficiency
Technical Specification
Model DSP 780 DSP 1080
Max. sheet size(Mm) 780*540 1080*780
Max. stripping size(Mm) 360*360 360*360
Min. sheet size(Mm) 550*430 1080*780
Min. stripping size(Mm) 30*30 30*30
Max. pile height(Mm) 60 60
Min. pile height(Mm) 30 30
Bench height(Mm) 850 850
Stripping speed(Times/Min) 5 5
Max. pressure(Bar) 100 100
Machine dimension(Mm) 1700*1600*1750 1900*2250*1750
Machine weight(Kg) 2500 3200
Max. consumption power(Kw) 10 10

Rogler ERP Software

The ROGLER developers team operates with most effective, upto- date programming tools. Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful, high capacity, easy-to-handle standard database, which is constantly maintained and improved by the manufacturer. The entire Microsoft world is accessible and easy-to-use in combination with ROGLER Software Suite. That means investment security for our customers.

Carton Inspection Machine

Sheet-fed printing quality inspection such as pharmaceutical cartons and tobacco boxes. It is able to inspect defects like streak, missing print, dirty spot, splash, mis-registration, colour deviation, miss stamping, improper position of stamping, concave-convex and foil stamping deficiency. The function of variable data inspection enables it to read codes, analyse code level and inspect other code defects.

Specially developed for ink-jet printing quality inspection of small sheet packets. It is able to inspect variable or immutable information of 2D code, numbers, English letter and simple graphics. The machine is equipped with Sheet-feeding Module, Surface Finishing Module, Position Adjustment Module, Printing Module, Inspection Module, Double Elimination Module, Sheet Collection Module etc. In the speed of 80m/min-90m/min, it can produce 20,000-30,000 packets per hour. ¬For inspection alone, it can reach 150m/min and finish 40,000-60,000 packets per hour ROGLER MIS/ERP SOFTWARE Rogler is one of those typical German / Austrian owner-operated international Innovators who help their clients to focus on their strength as our product offering are highly customizable and our services are highly adaptable to local needs and customer preferences. Our systems not only cover already all steps in the value chain of modern production (not only printing) companies and aspects of workflow and enterprise resource management company sizes. -Which altogether makes us one of the rare examples in an international context. As mentioned in the presentation, another concrete Rogler USP lies furthermore in the superior customization ability to satisfy individual and current demands as well as in the support readiness for evolving (future) needs