Specialist in Printing, packaging, Finishing Binding & Converting Machines
  • European Technology
    Automatic Lamination Machine
    With Hot Knife Cutting For Metpet Film @ 100 mpm
  • Automatic Stripping
    And Blanking Machine
  • Rogler Software Suite
    Miss for Print & media
    The ROGLER developers team operates with
    most effective, upto- date programming tools.

    ROGLER software into “Software for Production
    Automation and Optimization Cost and Time
    Calculation Production Planning
    Material Logistic”
  • printing Quality
    Inspection Machine
    Real 100% Print Inspection

About Us

DAYA and SODHISONS have been serving Printing & Packaging industry since past 50 years. They have always marched ahead with pre-empting market needs and catering to its customers with latest state of the art equipments . In order to compete in the race of latest technological advancement with automation in shorter span of time, they have joined hands under SHENSO GRAPHIC SOLUTIONS to cater to Indian Print Industry with wide range of products other than their respective existing core businesses. They have together enlarged the product portfolio to provide complete solution to its customers who have trusted their service and quality over the years.

The initial bonanza is European Technology at Chinese costing with Indian Service backup with experienced engineers which will be ultimately converged into MADE IN INDIA product. In near long term, machines will be manufactured in INDIA under European collaboration, which will give customers delight of technological as well as price & service advantage. We want to promote and make this as foundation for our manufacturing. Our focus is on high precision, high speed, multiple function product.

We are able to establish development collaborations with some of the most competitive and highly innovative printing businesses all over Europe, which enables us to provide to customers with cutting edge solutions to compete in the present and to keep driving competition to a higher level in the future.

At present, the products under our new venture are Automatic High Speed Laminating machine from Synergy, KDX , Stripping machine, High Speed Servo driven Flute Laminators, MIS ERP software from Rogler and Carton Inspection Machine from Lustre.

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